despaired 2261021 1920For reasons as-yet undertermined, our request pages are unavailable at the moment. The Reverend (our engineer) is working to discover why and fix the issue, but it's proving to be an elusive solution. We thank you for your patience while we get this sorted out and get our requests back up and running.

"Hey, where's the chatroom? "

It's just a couple clicks away! The SoR Radio chatroom requires registration with this site, but that's easy to do, and in minutes you can be chatting with the hosts of your favorite streaming radio shows! Just sign up for an account with us, and you'll have access to the chatroom and more! It's free, easy, and safe. SoR Radio will never give your information to anyone else! The only reason we require you to log in is so that we can keep the spambots out of our chatroom. Our goal is to provide you true commercial-free Classic Rock in every sense of the word!

So why not sign up for an account with us and start reaping the benefits a free membership to this site can bring? We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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At SoR Radio, all of our music library is requestable 24 hours a day! You will need to log into the website to access the request pages. The login form is available at this link.

If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for one for free in about a minute! All you need is a valid email address and rudimentary mathematical skills. ;) If you need to create an account, follow this link and do so!

Once you're logged in, check the "Request" menu item again, and you'll see the links to make requests from the webpage or, if there's a live show on, how to access the SoR Radio chatroom and make a request to the live DJs!

We hope to hear your requests on-air soon! That's what makes SoR Radio the only station in the world where it's *always* Your Right to ROCK!


Listen to these great shows on SoR Radio:
The Classic Rock Solarium, Sundays 8-10am Eastern The Church of Classic Rock, Sundays 10am-12pm Eastern The Back 40 w/Special Chad, Sundays 12-2pm Eastern Dark Nation Radio, Sundays 9-11pm Eastern
Make-Up Mondays, Starting at 7am Eastern The School of Rock, Tuesdays 7-11pm Eastern The Dirty 80s w/Aurora Munroe, Fridays 10pm-12am Spirit of Resistance Radio

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